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Who Is Pedlit?

Why should you give Pedlit a chance?

Pedlit is not just an artist; he's a groundbreaking innovation in the UK's music scene. As a 3D electronic rap artist, Pedlit is the brainchild of a seasoned writer responsible for some of the UK's most viral rap and drill hits. His portfolio boasts high-profile collaborations with industry titans like Tion Wayne, Russ Millions, and Arrdee, lending his lyrical genius to chart-toppers like "Body Remix" and "Oliver Twist."

But Pedlit is more than just a writer; he's a multi-dimensional brand. He's currently leveraging his proven track record to craft his own hits, setting the stage for a disruptive entry into the music industry.

What sets Pedlit apart is his revolutionary approach to music and visuals. He produces cutting-edge CGI visuals via Unreal Engine for his singles, offering an immersive experience that features guest artists in cinematic quality.

This isn't just a music video rapper; it's a digital concert experience that Pedlit plans to bring to live stages, redefining what a performance can be in the way Abba has with their CGI act. As for brand extensions, Pedlit's unique abiility to use incorporate logo's as more than just a symbol; it's a character designed to help brands evolve.

Career Highlights

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BODY REMIX - 300 M+ Streams


Innovative Artist: Created a unique 3D electronic rap persona that aim's to disrupt the UK music scene.

Simply a Lyrical Genius: The writer behind some of the UK's biggest rap and drill hits including:

Come & Go - ArrDee
Locker - ArrDee
War - ArrDee x Aitch
Hello Mate - ArrDee
Men from W.O.M.B.L.E - Alabama 3

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OLIVER TWIST - 150 M+ Streams


High-Profile Collaborations: Partnered as a co-writer with industry giants like Tion Wayne, Russ Millions, and Arrdee.

Alex Ranking PRS for music
Industry History

Closely affiliated with Carl "Uni" Willets the founder of Unit 10 Studio in Peckham, the studio behind the original "Road Rap" Sound

Giggs, Loski, K Trap, Snap Capone, Naira Marley

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FLOWERS - 120 M+ Streams


Early Career Success:

Wrote music for Alabama 3, the creators of the iconic Sopranos theme song, which was later sampled by Nas for "Got Yourself a Gun." International Exposure: Featured on a song by Papa Wemba at the young age of 17, gaining international recognition as a writer. Stage Performances: As a youngster, performed on stages with UK grime legends like Wiley, Chipmunk, Ghetts, Scorcher, and Asher D.

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